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Discover LCI, the Language & Culture Institute at SMU

Discover LCI, the Language & Culture Institute at SMU
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Language & Culture Institute LCI : Language & Culture Institute                                           English Version  /          -----


Licence In Business Administration MSB : Licence In Business Administration                                English Version  /  French Version

2+2 HEC Montréal BAA 2+2 MSB HEC Montréal                                                              -----          /  French Version


Engineering & Masters MedTech : Engineering & Masters                                             English Version  /  French Version


Master in Business Management MSB : Master in Business Management                                    English Version  /  French Version


Executive MBA MSB Executive MBA                                                                 English Version  /          -----

P.A.G.E Seminar P.A.G.E Seminar                                                                                -----          /  French Version

G.E.S.T Big Data Seminar G.E.S.T Big Data Seminar                                                                 -----          /  French Version