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LCI.jpgLCI is an integral part of The South Mediterranean University founded in 2010 by Prof. Mahmoud Triki. It is the first English speaking university in Tunisia and comprises MSB, Medtech and LCI. The Language and Culture Institute is an exciting and dynamic centre providing a comprehensive portfolio of courses aimed at building business and communication skills, essential to success in today’s global environment. In addition we offer cultural activities and Study Abroad programs . Our mission at LCI is to provide the language skills, cross-cultural awareness and leadership skills necessary to succeed in the international marketplace.

We Provide
  • Well established experience in Business English training programs for private students and tailor made courses for companies, organizations and ministries.
  • General English and conversation classes from Elementary to Advanced.
  • Language tuition in: French and Arabic for overseas students as well as German, Italian and Spanish.
  • Young Learners program for high school and undergraduate students.
  • Summer School intensive courses for Young Learners, Study Abroad Programs.
  • Effective pedagogical methods and highly qualified professors who closely monitor progress and provide feedback.
  • A friendly and supportive environment.
Olive Tree

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Olive Tree Logo
  • Longevity and hope, as the olive tree is considered to be eternal.
  • Victory, during the olympic games in Athens, it was used to crown the Olympic champions.
  • Strength, The olive tree is appreciated for its compact, heavy and hard wood.
  • Peace and Tolerance, the branch of the olive tree is chosen by God to show Noah that the flood is over and that the time of forgiveness has begun.